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Part I Dialogue Completion (10 points)
Dialogue One
Speaker A: Are you going to the party on Saturday?
Speaker B: I was thinking about it.  _     1 D. Are you?
Speaiker A: Yeah, 1 heard it's gOing to be a lot of fun.
Speaker B:       2 C. Really?      Well, what time does it start?
Speaker A:It starts at 8:00 pm, and I really think you should go.         .
Speaker B:      3 B. Well, who all is going to be there?
Speaker A: Everybody from school.
Dialogue Two
Speaker A: Have you heard my good news?
Speaker B:      4 B. You haven't told me anything yet.
Speaker A: I got a promotion at work earlier this week.
Speaker B:      5 A. Is that right?
Speaker A: It's the truth. I am really happy.
Speaker B:Congratulations on your promotion.
Speaker A: Thank you very much.
Speaker B: I am really excited for you.
Speaker A:       6 D. Are you really?
Speaker B: I'm serious. You deserved this promotion.
Speaker A:        7 C. Is that what you really think?
Speaker B: Yes, I do.
Dialogue Three
Speaker A:        8 B. I need v. our assistance.
Speaker B: What's the problem?
Speaker A: I can't find the place I'm looking for.
Speaker B: What are you looking for?
Speaker A:       9 D. 1 8m trying to go see a movie.
Speaker B: You don't know where the theater is?
Speaker A: I'm completely lost.
:Do yoL~ have 8~iy idea where the mall is?
Seker A: Yes, I do.
Spe ker A: r ciiciln't kn.W the mall hac; a movie theater.
pealk,er B: 10 A. The maU has ns oxvn movie theater.
It's newiy opened.
C.I'm going f,o the maZl.
l Rea~ing Conxpreherzsion (40 points)
19~irectioi~s:T re LZre 4 passages in zh/s part. Each passage is.foilowed by 5 questions or H嶂nished s'tatemerzts. Foreach oj theFn there are 4 choices marked A, B, C anud D. C魏oose the best one and mark your answer on th.e ANSWER SHEET wil a singie bar through the center of the letter.
 Passage One
peopie, particularly recent college graduafes, dream of owning their own businesses. Although such
Many report that hard work had never been so enjoyable before. Careful research, investigation9 and plann/ng at t~e outset d.o not guarantee success, but they provide a good foundation for the new small business and iis owner.
11.11ile main idea ofthe passage is about C. tips on how to start your own business
12。 Which of the following advisers is most necessary before you begin? C. A lawyer
13. The arlticle indicates that most successful small-business owners are B. experienced in the field
 14. One advantage ofbuying an existing business over starting a new one is that B. k has records readily available
 15. New business owners may avoid potential problems by _      . D. careful planning.

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