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内容摘要:遇到以下相关问题的作文,我们应该如何进行写作?案例一:1、手机在人们生活中起的作用; 2、手机使用不当对生活造成的干扰; 3、使用手机时需要注意的事项; Mobile phones are the main invention of modern technology. If w...








    Mobile phones are the main invention of modern technology. If we look at our society, we can see that all kinds of people are using mobile phones. Maybe they have many advantages, but they also experience drawbacks.
    The main advantage of mobile phones is that people can use them anytime and anywhere, so they can use it for an emergency. In addition, people can access the internet whenever they use the mobile phones, so business people can use them at work to get information from the internet more conveniently. Moreover, it is very easy to send messages to your friends. Mobile phones can make people keep intimacy in spite of long distance. Mobile phones are turning the world into a small village where we can communicate with each other easily and simply. Finally, another point in favour of mobile phones is that you can avoid disturbing anyone when he is sleeping or working because in that case people often turn off their mobile phones.
    On the other hand, there are some drawbacks, too. Firstly, the most important disadvantage is the unknown effects on health in case of over-use. Scientists found that mobile phones can cause brain cancer. If you talk for so many hours, you are going to have headache and ear problems. Secondly, the mobile phone stimulates home for the high cost of communication. If you are in 3-membered family, you would spend a lot of money on mobile phone. Furthermore, the inappropriate use of mobile phones could be bothersome. For example, it is very inappropriate to hear a mobile phone ringing during a formal conversation, during a lesson, in a library or in a cinema. Finally, mobile phones waste people too much time. An American survey shows that teenagers spend an average of 2 hours sending messages every day.
    In conclusion, there are some benefits and drawbacks to mobile phones. Personally, I don’t like mobile phones very much, but I need to use them. In my opinion, mobile phones are good only if you use them correctly and politely, as in this case, all technology is beneficial.






    Car in Cities

    Nowadays, people' s living standard has been improved greatly. Consequently, more and more people in big cities have their own cars, and there are still more people who are going to buy cars soon.

    There are some advantages to have a car in big cities. Firstly, a car makes one arrange his transportation more freely. You can go out whenever you like. In addition, a car makes it easier and more comfortable for traveling. With a car, you do not need to wait for the bus in the icy cold in winter or under the burning sun in summer.

In spite of all these advantages, too many cars in big cities will cause some problems. First-ly, there may be more traffic jams since there are more and more cars. Secondly, more cars will lead to serious air pollution. Besides, parking will be a big problem since parking spaces in large cities are limited. All in all, if conditions permit, owning a car in big cities can make our work more efficient, and our life will become more pleasant as well. If we want to promote the use of cars, there is still a long way to go.




    The person I can never forget is my head teacher, who is a not very tall man in his middle forties. He is reasonable-looking, but he is rather warm-hearted, always ready to help others.
    I've graduated from high school for quite a few years, while something back then still lingers in my mind, as though it just occurred yesterday. Around the college entrance exam, students grew edgy with each other due to pressure of the imminent test. Having sensed the seemingly uncontrollable atmosphere, my head teacher, Mr. Li, assigned each student to list everything nice about the others. All handed in their paper. And on the following Monday, each student received a list with all his strong points gathered by our teacher. In a minute, the entire class was filled with whispering, "Wow, I didn't know that means anything to others!" or "They do like me!” Later on, everything became normal, even much better. Each of us has cherished it as a most valuable treasure.
    Now Mr. Li is still working in high school, imparting his knowledge and important lessons in life to new generations. I keep close contact with him and inform him about my current situation.




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