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内容摘要:31. All the reference books should be made to the teachers and students in our university.A. Concerned B. available C. related D. flexible 3...

31. All the reference books should be made        to the teachers and students in our university.

A. Concerned      B. available      C. related      D. flexible

32. We shall appreciate        from you soon.

A. being heard      B. hearing      C. to hear      D. having been heard

33.I'd        you didn't touch that, if you don't mind.

A. rather           B. better       C. happier      D. further

34. He was         enough to understand my questions from the gestures I made.

A. Intelligent       B. efficient      C. proficient      D. diligent

35.Good-bye, Mr. Wang. I' m pleased          you.

A. to meet        B. meeting      C. to have been meeting      D. to be met

36. The new law, it is said, will be        .

A. put into effect      B. taken into account      C. kept in sight      D. brought to mind

37. The old man walked slowly, stopping frequently        .

A. on rest      B. at rest      C. resting      D. to rest

38. The        flowers were all that remained.

A. two yellow little

B. little two yellow

C. yellow two litle

D. two little yellow

39. Don't risk        the job which So many people want.

A. losing      B. to lose      C. lost       D. your life to lose

40.        anything about the accident,he went to work as well.

A. Not know      B. Know not      C. Knowing not      D. Not knowing

41. These courses, if properly conducted, will        the minds of the students.

A. refresh      B. renew      C. stimulate      D. encourage

42. He spoke so quickly that I didnt        what he said.

A. receive      B. accept      C. listen      D. catch

43. He had been        to give up much of his time to housework.

A. ordered

B. persuaded

      C. compelled

D. frightened

44. With a school record like yours        why you didn't try for a university scholarship.

A. Im shocked  

B.I' m puzzled

C. I' m amazed

      D. I feel pity

45. Robert looked as if he were about to        when his motives were questioned.

A. flare      B. jump up       C. burst up      D. look up

46. He        that he could create live fish out of chemicals.

A. demanded

B. asserted

C. argued

D. announced

47.He got up to the roof        a ladder.

A. by all means      B. by any means      C. by means of      D. by no means

48. He is sincere and easy to        .

A. get down to      B. get at      C. get along with      D. get over

49. She likes hearing her own voice. She never stops.

A. talking     B. telling     C. to talk     D. to tell

50.        at the door before you come into the room.

A. Hit       B. Knock      C. Touch      D. Strike




参考答案:31-35:BBAAB 、36-40:ADDAD、41-45:CDCBA、46-50:BCCAB


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